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i want a kite

and i don't mean the bird. i want a totally rad stunt kite. i mean the type with 2 handles and screamin 80's dayglo colors, outlined in black. i flew a kite today for awhile but it only had one handle on it, which was broken, and it wasn't quite wide enough. the colors were right on tho, and it had badass streaming tails. if i'd had 2 handles i could have made cool ribbon loops in the air. oh well. it was still very relaxing to kick back in the chair on the lawn under a bright blue sky and watch the pretty kite fly around in the breeze. I haven't updated in awhile, so this post might get a bit long...

Ok. It has been awhile since last i posted, which was june 4th. today is exactly 36 days later. it is a saturday. incidentally, it is also my birthday. 24 years ago on this day i burst forth from my mother's womb into the cold, harsh, bright, loud world and my voice was added to the cacophony. good job ma, thanks for giving me life. love ya! not only life, but she baked a chocolate cake for me too. I've already had three pieces of it. it's yummy. you're jealous of it, i can tell. you wish you were the one who was taking bite after big moist bite of chocolate frosted chocolate cake. anyways.... many things have happened since last i posted. I finished school (got an A in geology, despite Tontie, woot!), did the dreaded "check-outs" which i thought was cake for some reason (maybe i just got lucky and had good kids this year?), and managed to deal with finding a place to live for the summer and then moving all my shit there. that was an interesting little debacle.

Since i had checkouts, i didn't really pack until the last minute. big mistake. luckily i got some help from some peeps. amelia was a big help and helped me pack up some shit. thank you so much sweetie! i miss you lots!!! <3 i packed up a lot of what i had and loaded what i could and my friend cody that i've known since high school came down from corvallis and helped me move the rest of the heavy shit. unfortunately, we weren't moving it to my new summer apartment, oh no. we were moving to my grandmother's garage, because i couldn't move into my apt until a week after i had to be out of the dorm. so i got the pleasure of moving my shit twice and i was in limbo for that week. so i finally got to move in to my apt a week later. While i was moving my stuff, my grandma was admitted to the hospital with heart problems. she died later that night. i now drive her car. it's much more plush than my old one. rest in peace gramma, i love you and i'll miss you. =(

i went up to portland the week after that to see amelia for a few days. that was awesome. i hadn't seen her for a couple weeks and it was great to be near her again. we watched movies and colored and cuddled and it was good to feel her nestled against me. it had been too long. i can hardly wait for her to come back to eugene. i wonder if i can make another trip up to portland to see her this summer. it would have to be sometime this month. i'll have to see if i have the finances available to be able to afford it, that would be cool.

i happen to be making this post via glorious dialup access at my parents' house. i had a few doctor's appointments this week and i just figured i'd stay for my birthday. i'm going back to eugene on sunday though. i had a temporary crown replaced with a permanent one at the dentist and then the following day (thursday) i had my physiatrist inject my calf and forearm with botulism toxin. good times were had by all. i discovered that there are a myriad of pharmacological options to deal spinal cord injury and sexual function. perhaps i'll experiment with different drugs and see whether they enhance my sex life. aren't you glad you've read this far?

starting in august i will be re-taking japanese 303. i am afraid. i don't know kanji for shit and i've forgotten pretty much all the grammar i ever learned. hooray for not practicing. so my plan is to study for at least an hour or 2 every day until the class starts. and then, the day the class ends, i'm flying to LA to take part in the tryouts for the Jeopardy! College Championship. wish me luck! right now, i'm going to go to bed because i'm driving back to eugene tomorrow and i need my beauty sleep.

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